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Myron Cope's Terrible Tart

I am well aware that the tag "terrible" may not make the most appealing advertisement for a sweet treat, or really, anythin... [Read More]

Fried Pickles LeBeau with Smoky Dill Dip

Fried pickles! This is a snack I've been dreaming about for a while, but it took a few attempts to get it right. I finally had the t... [Read More]

Lynn Swann-ton Soup

After last week's deep freeze, I'm on a bit of a soup kick. First the Iron City Lager Cheddar Soup , then the sweet & spicy C... [Read More]

Chuck Noll Chili

Today we are celebrating Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Noll's 82nd birthday!  As head coach of the Steelers from 1969 until 1991, No... [Read More]

Pittsburgh Cheesesteak with Frenchy Fuqua Fries

Well, that's a wrap, folks. An agonizing end to a painful season. You have to credit the Black & Gold (and the Ravens and the Dolph... [Read More]

Iron City Lager Cheddar Soup

This. Soup. Rules. In the words of the great Myron Cope, "MMMHAH!" It's got beer, cheese, bacon, along with a few h... [Read More]

Gingerbread Men of Steel

That was a doozy!! Today's game against the Green Bay Packers had all of the makings of a late season heartbreaker. The game was hi... [Read More]

Barry Bananas Foster with Bacon

  This is a weird time of year. There are still a few weeks left in the season, yet we know it's pretty much over. The Steelers... [Read More]

Jack Ham Burger Buns

It's a cruel twist that my first home game of the 2013 season was also the game that dashed any wild card playoff hopes and sealed th... [Read More]

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