Family Reunion Weekend and Training Camp Visit #2

Another successful weekend trip to Western PA.

More on Steelers Training Camp in a bit, but first, the family reunion at Idlewild Park. 

Mom-mom, Uncle Elton and Aunt Lois

As promised, I baked a double batch of my Plaxico Straw-Burress Cheesecake Bites with Mom-mom on Saturday night (before we watched the first Steelers preseason game). The cheesecake bites were a hit! Cousin Jeffrey approves:

Everyone won some swag from a very well-stocked prize table in the raffle.

$Bill went home with a Steelers garden gnome, Josh won a Steelers golf set, Mom-mom got a Roethlisberger t-shirt, I picked up a very neon Steelers tee and a Steely McBeam hat, and our cousins won...

Steelers tickets!!

The next day, we started off with breakfast at Irwin Eat 'N Park. Kielbasa for breakfast?

Yes, please! Also, their classic Smiley cookies have gotten an ingenious makeover in support of those wonderful Buccos. I'm thinking about breaking out my Black and Gold Cookie recipe to recreate some myself...

On Monday afternoon, I returned to Saint Vincent, this time with $Bill and Kathy.

After checking out the memorabilia in the traveling Great Hall, winning a limited edition poster on the prize wheel and making a few friends at the Steelers Social Tent, we got a great spot on the hillside where we watched practice.

Oh hey, Shaun Suisham!

Emmanuel Sanders was catching punts, except he wasn't putting them down after he caught them...

This dude caught five in a row while holding all of them (though one was stuffed in his jersey). 

What up, Carnell Lake?

Offensive and defensive first teams and

second teams. (When the second teams were up, Coach Tomlin set the tone - "Tackle football, LET'S GO!")

Okay, after a solid hour and a half of practice, I was lucky (and diligent) enough to get a spot in line to meet Coach Tomlin. By the time it was my turn to talk to him, I was so nervous and awestruck that my stomach was tied up like a pretzel. I stammered something about Coach Tomlin Tomato Cheese Pie, got an autograph and a picture. 

See, that's me trying to remember what the heck this website is called and what my name is.

Coach, on the very slim chance that you see this, I'm sorry that I was a fumbling, bumbling nut and thank you for indulging me. It was an honor to meet you!!

Well, I've reached my quota on car trips in one week from Philly to Pittsburgh to Philly to Pittsburgh to, well, you get the idea. Chuck Noll Field, I hope to see you next Summer! More recipes on the way this week and the next preseason game at Washington Redskins on Monday night. I even brought some choice ingredients back with me this time... stay tuned!

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