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Fried Pickles LeBeau with Smoky Dill Dip

Fried pickles! This is a snack I've been dreaming about for a while, but it took a few attempts to get it right. I finally had the t... [Read More]

Iron City Lager Cheddar Soup

This. Soup. Rules. In the words of the great Myron Cope, "MMMHAH!" It's got beer, cheese, bacon, along with a few h... [Read More]

Rod WoodsOnion Rings with Horseradish Dipping Sauce

More fried goodness comin' at yinz! This week, we're beer-battering and stovetop frying sweet, crunchy onion rings. The process... [Read More]

Golden Fried Kevin Greene Beans with Spicy Dill Dip

Ooh baby, these fried green beans are GOOD. We've fried a lot of things here at Stiller Snacks  - hash browns , corn fritters , sw... [Read More]

Iron City Lager Veggie Dip

A few weeks ago, the Creative Director and I went to our friends Jess & Josh's housewarming party. I brought the Black and Gol... [Read More]

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