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Away Game London Broil with Potatoes and Peppers

How's this for bizarre? I spent the first hour of this week's game on a flight returning from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Luckily, I ... [Read More]

Pepper Jack LAMBert Burgers

Welcome to the 2013 regular season, Steeler fans!! I've been saving up and preparing these recipes since June, so I'm pumped that... [Read More]

Yancey Figpen and Pear Sorbet

It seems summer has come to an end, which is a bummer, but it also means football is right around the corner. I decided I should break ou... [Read More]

Preseason Peach and Blackberry Turnovers

Okay, hear me out: this recipe is messy and a little tricky. No messier than a preseason game with SEVEN TURNOVERS though. Yes, Monday ni... [Read More]

The Three Rivers (Confluence Cocktail)

It sure has been hot this week. So hot, in fact, that any time I have to brave the outdoors, I'm dizzy and seeing hypocycloi... [Read More]


I had my first food blog fumble this weekend. I was really hoping to have some homemade black and gold ice cream for yinz. This was my fi... [Read More]

Antonio Pepper Hash Browns

Good morning, Steeler Nation! How's the holiday weekend going? Are yinz nursing holiday hangovers? Taking it easy? Whatever your pla... [Read More]

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