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Jonathan Dwyer Lemon Cookies with Antonio Brown Butter

You know who looked good in last night's game? Numbers 27 and 84, Johnny Dwyer and Tony Brown. I don't know if they would be c... [Read More]

Preseason Peach and Blackberry Turnovers

Okay, hear me out: this recipe is messy and a little tricky. No messier than a preseason game with SEVEN TURNOVERS though. Yes, Monday ni... [Read More]

Jack Peanut Butler and Jelly Cupcakes

I haven't baked cupcakes in a while... in fact, I haven't made ANY cupcakes on this blog yet!! Penalty flag . Let's do somet... [Read More]

Plaxico Straw-Burress Cheesecake Bites

Call it short-sighted (or subconsciously  brilliant ) planning, but I'm making a U-turn and going back to Irwin , Ligonier  and Latro... [Read More]

Black and Gold Zubaz Pudding Pops

Every year when my birthday has come and gone, I know that the Summer is nearing an end. It's always bittersweet, because I typically... [Read More]

Meyer Lemon Kirkland Sorbet

The last post about Three Rivers Stadium has me feeling very nostalgic about the 1990's Steelers that I grew up with. I also found a... [Read More]

Ice Cream Emmanuel Sanders-wich

Oh. My. Goodness. I was recently informed that a grocery store  in Cherry Hill, New Jersey  carries Turkey Hill " Blitzburgh Crunch ... [Read More]

Ryan Clark Bar Ice Cream Pie

Okay, the credit for this idea goes to $Bill. Bravo, very clever. It works on multiple levels. Ryan Clark, free safety for the Ste... [Read More]

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