Black and Gold Layered Beer

Happy Independence Day, Steeler Nation! I've been looking forward to breaking out the grill and my new limited edition July 4th Terrible Towel! I'm typically loyal to the original design, and nothing beats $Bill's vintage towel, but I really like the print of fireworks over Heinz Field on this one. Plus, a portion of every Terrible Towel sale goes to the Allegheny Valley School, so why not get one for every occasion?

There's nothing better than firing up the grill, chowing down and drinking some beers on a summer day (except grilling, eating and drinking in a parking lot before a Steeler game). My July 4th cookout this year is pretty simple - hot dogs, homemade tater tots (look for the recipe during preseason!), and beer. We aren't just drinking your garden variety I.C. Light though. This layered beer incorporates the colors of the Steeler Nation flag with a golden ale on the bottom and a dark stout on top - a take on the Irish Black and Tan." Irish? Well THAT doesn't seem very patriotic," you might be thinking. On the contrary! Steelers' Chairman Dan Rooney was the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland from 2009 until 2012. As a matter of fact, Big Ben and Chairman Rooney were at the American Embassy in Dublin, Ireland today for the annual Independence Day Flag Football Game. So, there's that. 

The trick to the layered beer is simple. Pour the light on the bottom, slowly, with no head, - I chose Bell's Oberon, but any golden or light-colored beer will do - then pour the stout on top, slowly, over a strainer or spoon to distribute over the surface of the bottom layer. I grabbed a big, cheap spoon on my grocery trip this morning. It bent easily and worked like a charm! Bend the spoon so it will balance on the glass rim, invert, balance and pour (slowly)! If you pour the top layer too fast, it wil blend with the bottom layer resulting in a brown beer - and no one likes the Browns. 

Now, I realize that this has been two consecutive "black and gold" posts, but don't worry, there are more puns and player recipes coming very, very soon! I've gotta save the good ones for football season anyway ;)

Happy 4th of July!!

Black and Gold Layered Beer
Stiller Nation Snacks N'at original

1 12 oz golden ale/IPA
1 16 oz dark stout
1 pint glass
1 bent spoon

Tilt pint glass and slowly pour 2/3 light beer into glass, without letting a head form. Place glass on counter top. Position bent spoon on glass rim and slowly pour 1/3 stout onto spoon surface, allowing it to trickle into the glass. Pour until glass is full.

Almost forgot this little gem...

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    I'd love to join you for a few of those !

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