Family Reunion Weekend and Training Camp Visit #2

Another successful weekend trip to Western PA. More on Steelers Training Camp in a bit, but first, the family reunion at Idlewild Park.... [Read More]

Sweet Ike Taylor Tots with Curry Heinz Ketchup

IT'S HERE! IT'S FINALLY HERE! Okayyy, I'll calm down and save the full-on mania for the regular season - but, I'm s... [Read More]

Plaxico Straw-Burress Cheesecake Bites

Call it short-sighted (or subconsciously  brilliant ) planning, but I'm making a U-turn and going back to Irwin , Ligonier  and Latro... [Read More]

Black and Gold Zubaz Pudding Pops

Every year when my birthday has come and gone, I know that the Summer is nearing an end. It's always bittersweet, because I typically... [Read More]

Pittsburgh Vacation Recap

What an amazing birthday weekend! My western Pennsylvania road trip started on Thursday morning, and by the afternoon, I found myself a... [Read More]

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